It is amazing to me that a supporter of Joe Biden, a mem ber of a group consisting of 70 million people who all voted for a career politician who has done basically nothing in the 47 years as a politician and who won’t last a year in office because of his already ongoing dementia, has the utter gall to call the 70 million supporters of President Trump, dumb! President Donald Trump gave up so much in order to  help our nation to recover from so many ailments that we had become the laughing stock of the world.  What has Joe Biden ever accomplished in the 47 years he has been in office except to somehow have become a multi-millionaireon his Congressional salary.

 President Trump is supported by those 70 million people you call dumb because he is the man who saved our nation billions of dollars in trade deficits, took our nation out of one of the worst organizations it was ever a part of, due to the fact we were paying billions of dollars to finance it and America was the only nation being forced to make huge concessions in the use of fossil fuels.  President Trump is responsible for stopping hundreds of possible terrorists from entering into our nation by building a wall on our Southern border.  The FBI has reported the sections of the new wall are responsible for the capture or exclusion from entry into our nation of many persons hell bent on attacking our nation.

President Trump is responsible for the return of thousands of manufacturing jobs to our nation, in spite of the fact that your hero, Obama, publicly stated many times that it was a wasted effort because no one could bring manufacturing back to America.  He is responsible for bringing together nations who have been bitter enemies for decades.  He not only got them to agree to peace but also to become trading partners.  He did this with not just one but three different nations.  The attempt to do this has passed between Presidents since Jimmy Carter’s administration’s first effort.  No other President has even come close to accomplishing what this Preident has done in the Middle East.

This Preident, you claim has dumb supporters took a lackluster economy and grew it into the most robust economy in the history of our nation.  An economy which was growing at three times the rate of the one left by his predecessor, who by the way, bragged on several occasions of how he was able to get the economy up to where it was when he and Biden left office because no one could get it any higher.  Obama was wrong.  President Trump took it much higher.  

President Trump met with the leaders of our allied countries for his first time and accomplished something no other President was able to do.  He asked them to pay their share of the cost of NATO defenses.  That’s right.  He simply asked them leader to leader to pay their share.  He told them Americans were tired of paying our share and the biggest part of all their shares as well.  They agreed.  Other Presidents always tried diplomatic hints which the leaders of the other NATO countries ignored.  President Trump was not a political diplomat who would rather be ignored than to seem unpolished.  He is a businessman who put our nation before all else.  If it required him to seem rude to get his point across, then he would seem rude.  He was supported by half the nation to get the job done.  Not to be a “grande Marshall” of diplomacy. 

The reaction of the Left-leaning public is funny in a way.  95% of the Left actually are not positive why you dislike Trump.  Oh, you claim it is because he is racist but anytime one of you try to argue the point, you fail for lack of specifics.  If an action by any person is seen as bad by one group of people but seen as good by another group of people, the only way to know whether the action is good or bad is to trust the person whose action is being questioned or to observe the result of those actions.   The action taken by PresidentTrump which caused him to be originally be called a racist was him closing off immigration from the Middle East.    

In the years prior to him being elected President, Donald Trump was thanked many times by minority organizations for the work he did which helped minority communities.  He was awarded commendations for his gifts as well as his efforts.  But within minutes of his announcing his candidacy, the leaders of the Left and the big four media networks were calling him racist.  Why?  Because he said America needed to stop the influx of millions of people from the Middle East.  Yes, he called them Muslims.  That is what 99% of Americans called them right up to that moment.  Suddenly, it became a bad thing to call them Muslims.  Everyone who originally called him racist was aware that he was speaking about the millions of young men who were unmarried or who abandoned their families in their own countries in order to leave what they were saying was a place so dangerous they had to escape.  Leaving their families there?  

President Trump stopped this wild migration of people because it was made up of mostly young men from an area of the world where a few young men came from who just fifteen years before had flown planes into the World Trade Center.  It would have been different if our government could have run background checks on the young men but that was impossible.  President Trump’s actions were vindicated just a few months later by every European nation also stopping the migration into their countries as well.  He was not being racist, he was protecting our nation just as the leaders of our allies decided they had to do.  

Once the Democrat leaders and the media began screaming that Donald Trump was a racist, the rest of the Left joined in.  Are you aware that a member of the media said on the day of inauguration that “today is the beginning of the impeachment of President Trump” and that a few members of the House of Representatives called for the impeachment of President Trump dozens of times each Congressional session for any and every reason they could come up with?  The Democratic House refused to work with President Trump on anything he attempted.  Even several Republican Senators voted with Democrats against the President.  Why?  

Stop and honestly think for just a couple of minutes.  Be honest with yourself.  Why would the entire Democratic Party, all four of the largest media networks, 90% of the government bureaucracy, a bureaucracy which had worked for a new President every four or eight years for longer than any of them have been alive, the upper echelon in the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA and the NIS, all suddenly decide to do everything in their power to stop Donald Trump from being elected and then attempt to prevent him from accomplishing anything good for our nation during his first term of office?   Think.  Were his past accomplishments deserving of that reaction to his announcing his candidacy?  No.  He had a good history of working with and for minorities.  

What possibly could have been the cause of such hatred from day one?  His promise to build the wall could not have logically been it. Several Presidents had promised to do that, including Obama.  The leaders of the current Democrat party had voted several times in favor of funding the wall on the Southern border.  President Trump promised to get the United States out of trade agreements which were unfair and costing the nation billions of dollars each year.  Surely, that was not the reason.  He promised to get the nation out of the Paris Accord.  Most US citizens did not even know what that was or why he wanted the US to leave it.  Donald Trump promised to stop Iran from building nuclear weapons.  So did Obama.  In fact, President Obama went against a Congressional ban on Iran having access to the US banking system by sending them billions of dollars in US currency just days after his Secretary of Treasury assured Congress that the Obama Administration was enforcing the ban on Iran using our banking system.  All in an attempt to keep Iran from building nukes.    

What promise did candidate Donald Trump make which would cause the reaction that came from so many Democrat leaders, liberals, the media and a supposedly neutral bureaucracy?  There was only one.  Donald Trump promised to clean up the corruption in Washington.  Why would this cause such a reaction?  The citizens of the United States in both parties were clamoring for the corruption to stop.  Polls showed that a large majority distrusted both houses of Congress.  The polls showed Americans were sick of both parties not working together and then blaming each other.  They showed that even liberals, who normally want the federal government to be very involved in the life of the people, were saying that the government was no longer doing their job but were interfering in areas they had no right to interfere in.  Donald Trump was and is an outsider.  They could not expect President Trump to follow the unspoken rules followed by previous Presidents.  

The federal government is known by all to be a big buddy club.  It does not matter which party you belong to.  Both parties indoctrinate new members in the club the same way.  They wine and dine them and show them how good life in Washington can be.  They make sure the new members are introduced to famous and powerful people.  They entice them with the extravagant perks the taxpayers provide, such as the members only dining area where anything from the finest of wines to the most inspired dishes can be had just by asking.  The newcomers are shown the paths to power and eventually riches, if they give just one thing in return.  That one thing is loyalty to the party.  The party can not abide a new member that will go against the party wishes.  In fact, if the newcomer wants to accomplish anything at all while in service to the nation, the newcomer must put the party even above the needs and desires of the constituency which elected them to office.  

The Senators and Congressmen become drunk on the power of their positions as well as from living the lives of elites at taxpayer expense.   Many will then retire when they want with millions of dollars in the bank and retirement benefits that even the highest of the working citizens in America only dream of.  The threat of a President that was not a part of those that life, promising to stop the corruption was reason to panic.  Think of how this would affect Washington.  Corrupt politicians being outed to the public.  The major media network reporters shown to accept extravagant gifts from corrupt politicians.  The people in the Washington bureaucracy no longer wielding the power of their position to decipher laws in the ways that allowed them to lord their authority over the public.  All of the people in Washington afraid their jobs could be endangered if the corruption was stopped.  Not to mention the money.  

In the 1800s, adventurous people left their comfortable homes in the East and went West seeking fortune.  Many found what they sought and others didn’t.  Some of those that did, found fortune by either locating or buying an area rich in silver.  There were other ways to strike it rich but I chose silver because silver best represents what takes place in Washington.  Once in awhile, the miners in a silver mine struck a high grade vein of pure silver.  This was an event to be celebrated.  That is unless the miners, as a group, or individually decided that they should profit from this strike above what the owners were paying them.  Miners would then sneak the high grade ore out of the mine in their pockets, lunch pails, or however else they could devise.  The miners could not openly sell the high grade ore so they would use it to secretly buy what they wanted.  This under the counter trade system would eventually draw in most, if not all, the town’s businesses and citizens.  Everyone in the town would be happy and living better than they would have otherwise.  They would also all know where these riches were coming from. From theft.  So the town would become afraid.  Not only of being caught but also of losing their “ill-gotten-gains.” Panic and fear struck the people in Washington the moment Donald Trump promised to clean up the corruption.    

I could go on and talk about the prison reforms President Trump instituted.  The fact that, despite being called a racist by the Left, he brought together the largest number of minorities to vote for a Republican presidential candidate since Abraham Lincoln.  He doubled the percentage of Black Americans who voted for him in 2016.  The fact that he was hampered by fake accusations of collusion and faced impeachment hearings based on proven lies and false testimony.  Yavonovitch, one of the President’s most ardent accusers has now been shown to have been one of several State Department employees who illegally monitored American Citizens with the use of Crowd Tangle.  They not only used the Facebook owned program to monitor American citizens illegally, those citizens were members of President Trump’s own family as well as members of the news media, including Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram, and other well known media personalities.  Yavonovitch lied under oath by denying that she was a part of it.   According to State Department documents and emails recently released several State Department employees should be facing criminal charges for their part in the illegal activity.  

As for the collusion charges, the entire world is now aware that the charges of collusion were based on completely made up information by the Hillary Clinton campaign and foisted upon the American people by the Obama Administration in an illegal effort to blacken the reputation of Donald Trump.  It has also been proven that the people in the DOJ, FBI and the White House who attempted this continued their efforts even after Donald Trump became President.  In legal terms, their attempt after he became President was an attempted coup.    

President Trump accomplished all he accomplished while fighting off false charges of corruption.  He was lied about in the media which used both omissions of part of his words to proven, outright lies.  Luckily, he survived being convicted in the Senate on impeachment charges which are now known to have been untrue.  

President Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden, was protected by the media and the three largest social media platforms from anything that could have possibly made him look bad.  Joe Biden stood before the nation and stated he  knew nothing about the business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.  But documents released just days before the election showed that Joe Biden did know of Hunter’s business dealings as well as having participated in some of them.  Why didn’t Joe come out and say those documents were fake?  Why didn’t Joe tell everyone the emails and texts were not about his participation?  Because he knows the FBI has possession of the documents, emails, texts and phones.  He trusted in the media to not question him about the subject.  He did not trust in vain.  The few short times the media was allowed to question Joe Biden, the questions were inconsequential and more like questions asked of beauty contestants rather than of a presidential candidate.  If Joe Biden now becomes President, the information will not be investigated by the FBI as it would have otherewise. 

One definition of crazy is repeatedly doing the exact same thing and expecting a different result.  Another definition is to read evidence known to be truth provided by those of your own group and then stand up to state that the evidence is fake.  Everything stated here is provable by what are now public documents. The one opinion is my idea of the true reason the Left turned against Donald Trump before the campaign had begun.  

Can you look yourself in the mirror and honestly tell yourself you were not aware of these truths or that you disbelieve them, despite the preponderance of evidence.  My hope is that I have given just a single person one thing to think about.  Seldom, if ever, does the media lay down the complete timeline of the happenings during President Trump’s campaign and first term in office.  I am aware of one, much better and including more than mine but it costs money. This is not complete by a long shot but it is free. 


Callen Gilbert
Callen Gilbert

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